Dimplex Opti-myst® Pro 500 Built-in Electric Cassette - CDFI500-PRO

Product Description

Picture the perfect fireplace: any length, any location, and any number of sides. Forget about venting, gas lines and hot glass,because they are a thing of the past. Now imagine flames made of water that you can reach out and touch. The revolutionary Opti-myst by Dimplex reinvents the electric fireplace and makes it easier than ever to add a dramatic fire feature to any space. See-through,three-sided, open concept, the possibilities are endless,so go ahead, play with fire.

Electric Cassette Details 

  • Opti-myst® Flame Effect

    Revolutionary ultrasonic technology produces a fine mist to create the illusion of flames and smoke.

  • Modular Design

    Multiple 20" (50.8 cm) and 40" (101.8 cm) cassettes can be combined in series to achieve the desired length for dramatic linear installations impossible to achieve with gas fires. 

  • Customizable Flame Width

    Includes spacers and slots for customizable flame width and pattern.  

  • Adjustable Flame Intensity

    Control the desired volume of flame to suit.

  • Continuous Water Supply

    Optional plumbed water supply kit provides continuous operation without refilling water tanks.  

Dimensions: H 9 12 in x W 20 in x D 12 in


    Electric Cassette Details

    Technology: Opti-Myst

    Volts: 120

    Wattage: 230

    Amps: 3.83

    BTUs: 785

    Remote: Opti-myst Remote 

    Warranty Length: 2 Years Limited